New old home

Rafael drawing in our new office
Photo by me

What a difference (almost) 4 months makes.

We have been back in our home for 3 months. There are plenty of snags to keep us busy for the next few years, but we are home, and the memory of a summer spent moving every week is getting fuzzier and fuzzier.

In the meantime, I managed to slip down the newly sanded and painted stairs (glad it was me, and not Rafael, and, yes, we do need to put carpet back on, it’s on its way). And we’re down one cat, who we believe has found a new, less-under-construction house.

It was only last week that we managed to get the office ready to be used, as the final moving box was opened and emptied.

We’ve had a few visitors since we moved back in, and it’s truly lovely to be able to offer guests a space of their own.

And it’s great to be home for the winter.

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