Nearly there

OSB stairs bookcase in our home
Photo by me

It’s about 5 weeks since my last post. It’s incredible how much the house has changed since then: we’re down to the final details (if you ignore the fact we have no windows in the loft), and we have a moving-in date!

We’re hoping to be back in our house in two weeks. The builders will still be there for a few more weeks, on and off — not ideal but we don’t want to keep being nomads any longer.

For the past 3 and a half months we’ve moved house 10 times (8 different houses), and have travelled abroad twice — so I guess we moved 12 times. It sounds crazy, but it’s amazing how quickly we got used to it, even Rafael has adapted really well.

It will be strange to be back home, and I’m sure the dust will annoy me immensely, but right now I can’t wait.

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