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Our ‘new’ cargo bike

Our new cargo bike
Photo by me

It now feels like we’ve had it forever, but it was only two or three weeks ago that I decided to search on Gumtree for second-hand cargo bikes. I did find one, so Nicklas, Rafael and I went to check it out all the way down in Clapham the following day. We bought it, Nicklas brought it home the day after, and now we have a cargo bike.

It’s probably not the best time of year to fully enjoy it, but Nicklas and Rafael have been out in it almost every day. Rafael seems to enjoy it just as much as he does the normal bike — we’ve got a little comfy baby seat for him. He can be warm and cosy with blankets, and we can carry as many bags as we need to as well — even the stroller. Last week my mum, Rafael and I all sat on the wooden seats and Nicklas took us to dinner here in Leyton! (It’s not really the comfiest of seats though.)

We’ve ordered a rain tent so that Rafael can be even warmer and cosier, despite the weather outside.

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