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I have lived at three different addresses since I moved to London. In all three occasions, the nearest Underground station was on the Piccadilly line, each time a little further north than the previous. Three years later, I finally went to the northernmost end of the line.

It seemed like a lovely place, Cockfosters and its surroundings (I could see it since the trains run overground from Southgate). The station is nice too, still keeping a vintage feel. Here’s a quote from “What’s in a name?”, by Cyril M. Harris, a book I have about the names of London’s Underground stations:

“It is suggested that this [a house] was the residence of the chief forester (or cock forester), hence this rather unusual name which, until the arrival of the tube, was sometimes spelt as two words. Prior to the station’s opening the name of Trent Park was considered, but it opened as Cockfosters on 31 July 1933.”

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I’ve lived just down the road in Southgate since I moved to London almost 4 years ago. I’m not really a city boy, so this is as far away from London as I can get while still living here.

It’s a nice area, though: London, but with proper, individual towns with their own personality, and easy access to some lovely countryside.

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