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Cheer up

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This was not my best week. It wasn’t the worst either, but the lack of energy and inspiration to do anything didn’t help.

Luckily, I’m in London, so getting out of the house and walking around its streets (even under this cold weather — ignore the photo) seems to be enough to cheer me up.

It reminds me that the things I’m stressing out about are probably seen as good things by anyone else other than myself, and, if not, well, we can’t have everything — we might as well be happy with the things we’ve got.

I love this city and it’s starting to get really hard to image my life without it.

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Glad you realise how fortunate you are to be in this amazing city. After spending 10yrs there (& loving it), Ive migrated back to my home country and I.miss.London!

Stay cheery.

P.S: This picture with THAT many people actually looks a scary. 🙂

Bahh! Each time I come and check london chronicles, I get more and more jealous of not having the option of working and living in London atm! Enjoy and best of luck for the upcoming weeks!

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