Brexit, again

Photo by me, in Hampstead

It’s a cloud hanging over our heads. It’s on our mind, hence the double post.

Nicklas and I don’t want to go anywhere, we love our home, our neighbourhood, the life we have in London. I love the idea of Rafael growing up here, of everything that London has to offer. But we know things can change.

We are lucky: our types of jobs allow us to work remotely, we could go back to where we came from. We’d likely lose a lot of money selling our house post-Brexit, but right now that’s not my biggest concern. Leaving the place I most love in the world and where I thought I’d raise my child is — whether because we’re asked to leave or the living conditions deteriorate enough that we need to leave the place where we’ve been for more than half (Nicklas) / a third (me) / all (Rafael) of our lives.

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