Photo by Ewan Munro

For the first time since I moved to London in 2008, I am not living somewhere along the Piccadilly line, or in North London: Leyton, East and in the Central line, is the place I now call home.

We’d heard houses here were still affordable, so I decided to explore during one of my work visits, about a year ago. I was prepared for the worst.

A few seconds after exiting the Underground station, however, I knew this was it: the high street seemed pretty and busy, most streets off it were lined with Victorian houses, my mobile phone didn’t try to go into roaming mode (like when I took the Overground towards Crystal Palace) and I knew that houses were indeed cheaper.

The fact that less than 10 minutes into my exploration I had walked past a Portuguese café and a Portuguese restaurant certainly helped too.

So here I am now. I am even slowly starting to forget which—and in which order—stations there are in the Piccadilly line.

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