The first time I visited London, in 1997, I fell in love. Until I moved from Portugal in 2008, I dreamed of how wonderful it would be to walk to work every day by the Thames, of not being a tourist in London, of feeling it was my city. And it never disappointed me. Walking by the Thames was in reality taking the rush hour tube to Hampstead, then Soho, then Millbank, but that didn’t matter.

For me, London is the best, most beautiful city in the world. Just walking along the street makes me happy like I don’t believe any other city will ever do. But the plan was always to move on, to see other places. Belfast is not Paris, but I believe what awaits me there is great in its own way.

My first return is scheduled for 6 weeks from today, so I can’t really feel like I’m saying goodbye. London will now always be mine and in my heart.

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